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  Voided Check for Checking Account Number 
   Driver's License (For the Patriot act page)
   Evidence of your business  Have the Number of your Resale Certificate, Business License, Operating Permit, or other Government issued document showing your business (you need only one of these)

We can accept business licenses, sales tax licenses, professional licenses, resale certs, articles of incorporation, or any other legitimate third party verification of business and location. The name of the business and location and owner must match what is on the application and it must be current (no expired licenses).  


Most of the questions we get are answered on this page. 
Customer Support is available at (714) 449-0211 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Pacific time.
Windows OS users will need an Adobe Acrobat reader in order to view and print the application.


You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader Here


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